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Triple Tapes

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As the stories unfold on the tapes, words combine from each story into hidden suggestions given in language patterns similar to those used by Advanced Hypnotherapists. These suggestions are perceived by your subconscious mind and result in spontaneous changes in thinking, feeling and behaving. This three tape set is a comprehensive guide to helping you expand your potential for wealth.

Money Wealth & Prosperity
The three tape program


Tape 1
Setting goals/generating new beliefs
Help with planning for a more prosperous future, and how you may go about it. What you will benefit from believing to make your vision come true.
Tape 2
Increasing productivity/avoiding self sabotage
Help to be more productive and work more efficiently to get things done, which need doing. Avoid the tricks your unconscious mind plays on you to stop you succeeding when you want to succeed Now!
Tape 3
Unleashing personal power/self mastery
Tap into the hidden resources, skills and abilities you have collected over the years, but don't yet know you have. Guidance on being a master of your own destiny, travelling in new directions, to delight and surprise yourself and those around you. Be amazed.