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For a limited period, every customer who places an order for two or more items will be given a free gift of "Moments in Tyme", our 40 minute relaxation CD, which normally retails for £24.97 UK pounds, and is not available anywhere else.

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Our Products
Below is our full range of CD versions of our Double Tape and Triple tape Programs which you can order securely.

All of our double tape programs and our triple tape program Money/Wealth/Prosperity are now available as CD versions, and are listed here.

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CD Versions of Single, Double and Triple Tape Programs
CD Version - Changing Emotions/Stress Management Double Tape. Price: £44.95
CD Version - Personal Ecology/Self Esteem Double Tape. Price: £44.95
CD Version - Inside/Outside Motivational Weight Loss Double Tape. Price: £44.95
CD Version - Feeling Better/Mind Body Connection Double Tape. Price: £44.95
CD Version - Overcoming Procrastination/A Rhythmic Approach Double Tape. Price: £44.95
CD Version - The Quest For Excellence Double Tape. Price: £44.95
CD Version - Sales Mastery Double Tape. Price: £44.95
CD Version - Tick Tock/Creative Time Management Double Tape. Price: £44.95
CD Version - Money Wealth And Prosperity Triple Tape. Price: £68.95
CD Version - Creating a Presence - Confident Public Speaking Single Tape. Price: £36.60
CD Version - Hidden Wisdom - Unravelling Blocks to Creativity Single Tape. Price: £36.60
Relaxation Music CD Moments in Tyme . Price: £44.95
Relaxation Music CD Direct Download . Price: £24.95

Moments in Tyme

For those who want to learn to relax, but don't feel they need hypnosis at this time, this relaxation music CD is perfect.
It is 40 minutes long, no subliminals, no voices, no mystery. Just exquisite music, designed to slow down the heartrate,
slow down the breathing, and slow your thinking, enabling you to reach really deep levels of rest and peace.

New - We now have a high quality 160 Kbs recorded version of our relaxation music CD in MP3 format.
Available for direct download if you wish.
If you have access to broadband, or don't mind a long download., then this could be the option for you.

Filesize is 53 megabytes, and is accessable via our ftp server.
When you have ordered you will receive the download password, and the file could be with you much more quickly than waiting for the postman to call.
Please bear in mind on a 56 k modem it could take over three hours to download.

It is also much less expensive at around half the cost of the CD version delivered to your door.

You can simply play it on your computer, or copy it to your very own CD (if you have the appropriate software). to play anywhere you choose.

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