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We supply Hypnosis Tapes and CD's , over 20 different items for Personal Growth and Change, Hypnotherapy Tapes, CD's & Inspirational Books.

We have been trading on the internet since 1996, and have a wealth of knowledge to serve you better.

Remember we are headed by a practising Hypnotherapist of over 12 years experience, and 20 years experience of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Our hypnosis tapes are designed to help you change, without the high cost of private therapy sessions, but with all the benefits of utilising the power of your unconscious mind for healing and effortless change.

You can play your hypnosis tape as often as you like once you own it, unlike seeing a therapist which costs you a lot each time, so saving you money on your health.

Each HPP programme deals with specific areas of growth or difficulty and will produce positive changes in your emotional and physical health.

Please note for American customers of our tapes, our double tapes at £44.95 with £6.50 postage and packing totals about $87.50, and our single tapes at £24.95 with £6.50 postage and packing totals about $54.90. You can obtain an exact figure from www.xe.net , currency exchange.

Still not sure what to order, read the individual descriptions on the menu on the left of the main frame. Each category is listed, Single Tapes, Double Tapes, Triple Tapes and Books. The descriptions for the CD Versions are the same as the Double Tape Hypnosis Programs.

Our new range includes Sales Mastery, Pain Control and Relationsips/Stress Management. These are self explanatory and you can order them on the Tapes order page, or the CD's order page.



Many people have requested pictures of our products, you can see them here on our pictures page.

Remember all products you order from us are subject to our 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

We hope you will appreciate and understand that, due to the nature of cassette sales and various copyright reasons, we are not obliged by law to offer any returns or refunds under any circumstances.

However we are so confident you will be delighted with your purchase, we offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any purchase, you can simply return the item undamaged, for a full refund, less shipping and handling charges.

Many companies will not offer you any refunds. Would you really want to be stuck with a tape which might be of dubious quaity and didn't seem to be helping you?

Although hypnosis tapes are not for everyone, many people experience astonishing changes, using our hypnosis tapes within a month or two, if they are using them regularly.

Just to remind you, I advise all my personal private patients to supplement their treatment with one of our hypnosis tapes or CD's. Depending on the nature of the problem, I will recommend a specific tape. If their difficulty seems more general, or they have no special need then I always recommend the Changing Emotions/Stress Management double tape program. They find they learn to relax much more quickly with this support, and our therapy sessions are twice as effective.

So, If your not sure what to order, but you are confident you would benefit from learning to relax more, order our Changing Emotions/Stress Management double tape or CD. If you want to find out how self-hypnosis feels, order it too.

When you have used it daily, for a month or so, come back to this site, and check through the range, to find something more specific and order that.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

International orders from anywhere in the world please add £6.50 for postage and packing per order or about $12.60.

We have recently upgraded and now offer a new secure ordering facility. Please browse our products and when you are ready to place your order click here Order Page