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Our Secure Tapes Order Page Our Secure order page, listing all of our Tapes and Books. Please go here to order.
Our CD Versions Order Page Our Secure order page, listing all of our CD Versions of Tapes currently available. Please go here to order CD's.
www Xe net Currency conversions Currency conversions from www.Xe.net. Please go here to work out costs in your country. Remember International orders to add 6.50 UK pounds per order.
UK Therapists site UK Therapists com, find a therapist locally or worldwide. You will find my registration under Psychotherapists within the Midlands.
Association of NLP Association of NLP.
Reiki and Reiki remote attunements. James Middletons Information pages and description of Reiki hands on healing, with emphasis on achieving remote training and attunements.
Pace Personal Development Training in NLP PPD Have been providing NLP training for over twelve years which makes them one of the longest established NLP training companies in the UK.
Reiki practitioners and teachers listing For Reiki practitioners and teachers: A self-listing, self-help service, as well as information and help on finding a local Reiki therapist
Google search engine Googles search engine, the best engine for the internet. Indexes over 1 billion documents and webpages.
Linux CD's and DVD's Ever wondered how it would be running Linux on your PC? Here you can purchase inexpensive Linux Distributions on CD and DVD. Save yourself the hassle of large downloads and paying to purchase all that support, which you probably don't need.
Creative Changes old Hypnotherapy website Our very old, over 4 years old, website with links and information about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.
My AllExpert page You can visit and ask any question about stress and handling stress (anonymously if you wish).
Pendulum Dowsing from Flowingdragons Website Pendulum dowsing consultations for help with health, wealth, happiness, lost pets or lost items. Also help with allergy and sensitivity detection, ley lines etc.
Mal's e-Commercee Mal's e-commerce site, which hosts our secure ordering facility. Mal's will help if you want to start selling goods or services on the internet.
Self Hypnosis Tapes and CD's Includes the HPP series for anxiety, depression, phobias, confidence, self-esteem, creativity, pain control, weight loss, sales mastery, wealth and prosperity. Get your self hypnosis tapes here.
Head Cleaners Hypnosis tapes Effective, empowering taped hypnosis designed to help self-helpers with anxiety, self-control, relaxation, sleep, performance anxiety, emotional healing, adjustment to loss and more. Mental health help articles.
http://www.flowingdragon.co.uk Flowing Dragon Dowsing for Self-help and hope. New Environmentally friendly living and health tips e-course available here.

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