H y p n o t h e r a p y
Therapy or help using hypnosis

What is hypnosis?

An altered conscious state of awareness which can be profoundly relaxing and causes you to be more suggestible.

How is it reached?

A trance like state is reached naturally in a variety of ways. Watching TV, jogging, while you wake up and just as you fall asleep. Sitting in boring meetings. It can also be reached by using relaxing suggestions repeated in a monotonous repetitive and rhythmical way.

How can it help?

It can help with a multitude of problems. Initially by learning to relax and get control of your bodily feelings, you can start to feel and take more control of your own life. You may well be ready then to look at your problems in greater detail. It may be necessary to go back into the past to review certain experiences and put them into a different perspective. Hypnotherapy can help you increase your determination to change - if you really want to; a variety of behaviors, phobias, bad habits, deal with emotional traumas, self image and confidence.

How does it work?

In hypnosis, because you are more suggestible, you usually accept suggestions without analyzing them. For example, if it was suggested in hypnosis that the room was cold, you would start to feel cold. You might even start shivering; you wouldn't be able to evaluate the true facts. The same is true for suggestions for change - i.e, suggestions of increased calmness, relaxation and confidence are accepted at face value and if repeated often enough they will start to be believed, and will be acted upon. However if suggestions are made which you don't want to accept, you will simply reject them or not act upon them. For instance, individuals preoccupied with pain are distorting their view of the world and increasing their discomfort, because focusing attention on pain only sustains the sensation of having pain. Relieving this pain involves seeing it as only part of total experience. In a trance state, pain is separated from total experience and individuals reorient their focus to a state of relaxation and well being. They "forget" about pain.

Misconceptions and fears

Due mostly to media presentation of hypnosis in the past and especially stage hypnosis, most of us have a wholly inaccurate picture of hypnosis and it's power. Some fears:

1.  Losing control - you are more in control in hypnosis with the assistance of a therapist.

3.  Being dominated - not so, you cannot be made to do anything you don't agree with; the suggestions are either rejected or you become fully aware.

2.  Becoming unconscious, 'blacking out' - for most therapy it's unnecessary and unusual.

4.  Unable to come out of it - you cannot get 'stuck' in hypnosis; you either 'awake' naturally or fall into a natural doze and awake after 5 to 50 minutes (depending on how tired you are).

Can I use it for myself?

Yes, with training, or the use of a specially designed hypnotic tape. It is possible without help although it usually takes longer and is more difficult. Most people benefit by learning self hypnosis during a therapy session, using it regularly and giving themselves suggestions which they have found to work. With the guidance of a therapist, a variety of approaches can be tried to find which works best. Then the onus is on the individual to help themselves get well.

Hypnotherapy Practice in East Midlands

James Middleton is a qualified hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, counsellor and supervisor to other therapists. He is a member of the National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists, an accredited NLP Practitioner, Member of ANLP and member of the Council Supplementary to Medicine.

He has regular peer supervision, and appropriate liability insurance.

He has been practising in Birmingham at his central location for the past fifteen years, and has built a busy and successful practice. The practice is based in an easily accessible location for clients visiting by car, or public transport and is about 20 mins walk from the city centre.

After completing his initial hypnotherapy training in 1989 at the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, James later qualified as a full practitioner in NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming) in 1995.

Also a qualified Occupational Therapist, until recently he worked as a Senior 2 Occupational Therapist, in Community mental health.

Having a wide variety of experience in the counselling field he was for many years a counsellor and supervisor for two national counselling and support organisations.

Lecturing also plays a part of his hypnotherapy practice and he has lectured for student nurses, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists. More recently he has lectured on creativity and self hypnosis, for a management training diploma course in Worcester run by Training for Excellence, a part of the TFE Group.

Supervision should be a regular part of any reputable hypnotherapy practice, and as well as having regular peer supervision sessions himself, to update and monitor his practise, he also supervises other therapists, often on an individual basis at his practice.

At his Birmingham hypnotherapy practice, an extensive range of problems that are successfully dealt with on a regular basis include;

Fears, Phobias, Stress and work related stress, Anxiety, Low self-esteem, Lack of confidence in social situations, Blushing, Smoking, Weight loss, Relationship problems, Sexual problems, Panic attacks, Substance abuse, Addictions, Depression, Bereavement.

Common psychosomatic problems routinely helped include:

Migraines, Headaches, Digestive disorders, Muscle cramps, Backache, Neckache, Vision difficulties, Vertigo, Ashma, Exzema, Psoriasis, Palpitations.

Other disorders less commonly worked with effectively include:

Nightmares, Bedwetting, Stammering, Stuttering, Cancer, Pain control Eating disorders, Arthritis, Pregnancy, Hair loss, Stomach ulcers, Heart attack, After effects of stroke, Disablement issues, Sexual orientation difficulties.

Fees and Booking Information

To Book an appointment

Please phone James on 07449 534 369 to book a first consultation.

His U.K. fees for Daytime appointments are 94.00, and for Evening appointments (after 6.00pm) are 105.00

Occasionally due to his full diary, it may be several days or longer before he is able to offer you a first consultation, he hopes you will understand this.

During the consultation, which is without commitment on either side, he will have a chance to discuss with you in more depth what is the nature of the help you seek, and will ask you some screening questions to find out if you will be an appropriate client for hypnotherapy and whether he can help. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and find out if you feel he can help.

If you both decide to work together, he will invite you to book and pay for a first treatment session.

He is able to accept cash, personal cheques, credit cards and debit cards such as switch.

To book a first consultation, please phone James on 07449 534 369.
or Contact James Middleton at Creative Changes.

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