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This site will tell you about Reiki, its nature, and how to obtain training for yourself.

Should there be anything which you think should be included, or you're not sure of, before you place your order, please contact me. 
~We now haveRemote reiki attunements, reiki, remoteReiki remote attunements available.

We have a secure ordering facility, where you can order online, please see our remote attunements page.

Why learn about Reiki?

Reiki is one of the most universally known hands on healing traditions, you will be joining a community of hundreds of thousands of like minded individuals, which means you need never feel alone or isolated ever again.

You can heal yourself and your friends, your children and pets, which means, you never need to feel helpless and unable to help others ever again.

Because the Reiki energy flows through you when you perform a hands on healing treatment, you will also be receiving a reiki treatment as a by-product of healing others. This means that providing you treat others regularly, you will always feel optimally healthy and free of stress and tension.

If you learn second degree, you will be able to help friends and family, even if they are across the globe from you, by sending them distance healing - which means you can always do something for someone, no matter where they are.

You can treat yourself on a daily basis with Reiki - which helps the body heal itself, clears and unclutters the mind, and strengthens the body's own internal healing and immunity systems. This means that you can reduce or even eliminate any dependence on outside help, doctors, medicines, therapists and so on.

Your intuition and spiritual sensitivity will increase, which means that you spend less time guessing a good course of action, and any meditation practice or spiritual development you are pursuing will accelerate much more rapidly.

As far as we know, we are the only company, which offers guidance and support for each and every Reiki Remote Attunement we carry out. If you, buy from us, you know we will treat you as an individual, unlike some sites you will find offering Masters attunements by the truckload. We have a FAQ page for frequently asked questions about using Reiki.


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Remote reiki attunements, reiki, remote


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