James Middleton

Some information on myself for your curiosity and interest.

James Middleton.

Hypnotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor.


Occupational Therapy

At London School of O.T. 3 year course. Qualified in January 1986 with Dip. C.O.T. Hypnotherapy. Began studying Hypnotherapy in 1988. Attended a number of courses. Locally with the West Midlands Society of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and nationally with the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in Lancashire. Obtained Certificate in Hypnotherapy in May 1993.


In 1987, worked for 18 months in a G.P.'s Practice in Birmingham as an Occupational Therapist, offering counselling and personal anxiety and stress management. Learned and developed counselling skills. Attended a year course in Co-counselling at Sandwell College of further and higher education. Obtained certificate in Co-counselling and Human Relations in 1991. N.L.P. and communication skills. Have attended several of N.L.P. training courses since 1989. In 1990 assisted in the forming of a regular practice group in N.L.P. skills. "The West Midlands N.L.P. Practice Group". No longer time to attend this group regularly, as a participant or a trainer. Gained Practioner certification in NLP in 1995. . Began working as a supervisor for 'Open Door' Youth counselling service in January 1990

Reiki Hands on Healing.

Trained in March 1991 in Reiki Usui system of hands on healing. Upgraded initial first stage training in July 1991 to Second stage. This enables me to carry out absent healing of people, situations and events. Use this regularly on myself and others.


Since 1986 I have worked in the N.H.S. in a variety of posts, mainly within Psychiatry. Both in-patient and community. Currently employed part time in the North Birmingham Trust as a Senior 1 Community O.T. Became a part time O.T. in 1988 to enable me to devote more time to my Hypnotherapy practice. I continue to work in the N.H.S. to keep up with modern devvelopments, and maintain links within the N.H.S.

Opened Hypnotherapy practice in September 1988.

See clients regularly each week.. Work from home, with own offices and practice rooms, and have professional liability insurance.


Since 1992, regular seminars for student nurses at the Queen Elizabeth School for Nursing. On Communication skills, Hypnotherapy and the power of the unconscious mind. Regular talks and seminars on complimentary/alternative therapy, Stress Management, Relaxation skills, use of Creative Visualisation and Imagery.

Radio and Media.

At the end of 1993 joined Solihull Central Sound Hospital Radio as a presenter and interviewer. Presenting a music show with regular guest appearances of complimentary health practitioners.

Creative Changes & Hypnotherapy Products and Services.

At the middle of 1998 started Creative Changes & Hypnotherapy Tape Products, specialising in marketing Top Quality Hypnotherapy Tapes. Providing a quality service in assisting people to find a tape that will suit them, and help them make the changes they most want. "Continuing support with their personal changes is my aim".

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