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Association for NLP


The Association of NLP fulfils one of its aims as an educational charity in advancing public knowledge and understanding of NLP by making this information available

At the heart of the effectiveness of NLP is the wide range of methods and models it offers for understanding how people think, behave and change. NLP offers a flexible approach which can be used to effect positive changes in individuals and organisations.

This is a significant time for the Association and NLP in the U.K. There are increasing numbers of people participating on courses at all different levels and growing numbers of individuals and organisations seeking advice from those trained in NLP.

This page seeks to establish a network of contacts, act as an information source and as such will be a vital link within the wider NLP community. The page will help you locate people who can tell you more about how NLP works, where it can be applied and what might be involved.

We hope you enjoy your journey.

Further information can be obtained from:

Sue Gazey,

ANLP Administration Office,

P.O. Box 78,


West Midlands.


Tel: 44: 01384 443935

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