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Flowing Dragon is the name I chose to describe the skills I offer, as Julie Middleton. I was born in South Birmingham England. I qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1990. I went into nursing because I enjoyed working with people and I have always had a caring and nurturing nature. I wanted to help people when for a period of time they could not care for themselves due to a disability, operation or illness.

I became a qualified Midwife in 1993, and over the years I have delivered hundreds of babies while adopting a client centred approach. I was often at odds with more senior medical professionals for using a holistic model of care during deliveries. I found most medical personnel favoured using a strict medical model usually based on tradition, fear and their worries of litigation. They rarely understood the woman`s perpestive or the use of intuition and guidance in the care of labouring women. On many occasions I would not sanction the commonplace procedures such as the very popular use of routine episiotomies, and continuous fetal heart monitoring when there was no medical indication.

I was three weeks overdue with my first baby and the hospital under which I was booked constantly tried to bring me in for an induction of labour. However by using my own intuition and dowsing skills, I resisted their attempts and when I felt the time was right I used a natural method of inducing my own labour. This result was a short labour,(for a first child), of 10 hours, a very successful home delivery and a healthy 8lb 1oz daughter with no medical intervention at all. I simply used self hypnosis, relaxation exercises and a short period of entonox (gas and air).

I no longer practice as a midwife. Although trained in traditional western medicine, I have, for some years been interested in eastern philosophies and practicises.


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I also have a keen interest in complementary medicine and have received treatments in Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy Massage and McTimoney Chiropractic. I am also a qualified Reiki level 1 practitioner. Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of hands on healing. I plan to take Reiki Level 2 soon. For more information on Reiki click here.

I have been dowsing for several years and began by dowsing for my family and friends. I am self taught and have a high success rate. As previously stated, I gave birth to my first baby in July 2001 and used my dowsing skills for my pregnancy, labour and delivery. I had a very smooth and successful home delivery, with no intervention, for which I dowsed.

I am married to James Middleton who is a practicing Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and teacher, and also proprietor of a successful company selling hypnotherapy tapes, the tapes were featured in October 2001, in an article published in the womens magazine "Bella". The tapes were voted joint first. He also practises dowsing. You can visit his website at Self

I have an interest in Feng Shui and so far have attended several weekend workshops. I am a member of The British Feng Shui Society. As you may be aware many Feng Shui Practitioners use dowsing as an integral part of their practice.


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