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Creative Changes Hypnosis Tapes - Resource for Self Hypnosis and NLP -
Hypnosis tapes and free scripts to download. Hypnosis tapes and CDs for many common problems
including anxiety, relationships, stress, confidence, weight loss, wealth and inner healing.

- Self Hypnosis Tapes and CDs -
Includes the HPP series for anxiety, depression, phobias, confidence, self-esteem, creativity, pain
control, weight loss, sales mastery, wealth and prosperity. Get your self hypnosis tapes here. Currency conversions for International orders

Puredowsing Tess Murray our friend and mentor and very experienced pendulum dowser.

Reiki remote attunements Trained in reiki hands on healing? Want to know more? Visit this site to get your very own hands on healing attunements. Delivering Reiki training since 1998. Order online

Robin's Dowsing page, a good resource for the beginning dowser.

Cassandra Eason's book, author of Pendulum Dowsing, more info on her other books is available at piatkus co uk

Reikialoha Reikialoha's site for finding a reiki practitioner anywhere worldwide.

UKtherapists site Uk Therapists com, you can view my listing in psychotherapists West Midlands or Complimentary therapists section and find a local therapist within the UK at this site.

Head-Cleaners Hypnosis Tapes
Effective, empowering taped hypnosis designed to help self-helpers with anxiety, self-control, relaxation, sleep, performance anxiety, emotional healing, adjustment to loss and more. Mental health help articles.

At Last! Revealed: Hypnotherapist Offers Breakthrough Easy Meditation Formula

“Discover how YOU can use this 3 simple step techniques of meditation to relieve your stress easily and quickly in 4 weeks or less – GUARANTEED!” Meditation Secrets revealed

The Feng Shui Society Based in the UK.

Linux CD's and DVD's Ever wondered how it would be running Linux on your PC? Here you can purchase inexpensive Linux Distributions on CD and DVD. Save yourself the hassle of large downloads and paying to purchase all that support, which you probably don't need.

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