What can Flowing Dragon do for you?

I can answer questions on any subject including health, career decisions or changes, relationships, pets, moving house, lost or misplaced items, lost pets or give general advice. If you have a question about a subject that is not listed here please feel free to contact me.

I perform dowsing for allergies and I also perform dowsing for Bach flower remedies.

I cannot give a specific medical diagnosis as this would not be ethical but if asked about about health problems I can dowse for a specific disorder with a body system for example, the liver or digestive system.

For the dowsing to be accurate the questions asked must be precise, and not generalised, unambiguous and require a yes or no response. I can dowse from a list of choices in a question to obtain the correct choice.

The question or questions asked must relate to the person who is asking them. I can answer questions on behalf a partner or a close relative with their permission but I cannot answer questions about another person as this would not be ethical.


Dowsing Fees

Only £36.30 UK pounds sterling per consultation. Any consultation which takes me longer than one hour will be charged only an additional £25.00 for each additional hour or part of an hour. If a consultation is likely to take more than one hour to complete I will always contact you first to confirm that you wish me to go ahead. with it

USA customers and others this is only $62.70 US dollars for a consultation and only $43.50 US dollars for each additional hour.

Currency exchange check, please click here.

I will answer any queries relating to dowsing within 2 to 3 days. Actual requests for consultations may take me longer depending on my schedule.

You can now order your one hour dowsing consultation

We are able to accept secure orders, using mals-e commerce ssl ordering facility.

Pendulum dowsing 1 Hour consultation. Price Only: £36.30

Placing your order

The steps to order are:

1. Place your order by clicking the "buy now" button.

2. There is a comment box/further request box that will appear during the order process, please place your dowsing questions in this box.

If you have any questions about dowsing, a consultation, or need any assistance with the ordering process please feel free to contact me. I also welcome any comments on how I may improve my web site and anything you that would like to see added.

Please note I offer an e-mail or postal service. This allows me to streamline my services and provide a much faster turnaround on all pendulum dowsing orders.

I have a regular news mailing. You too can receive this regular newsletter. If you would contact me, letting me know you want update information on the site, and our newsletter, please contact us at news@hypnosis.demon.co.uk

Please Note: Guarantee - I am confident, If my dowsing tells me to go ahead with your request that you will be totally satisfied with my consultation. If for any reason you feel the consultation is not worth the fee you have paid, I offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Simply contact me within 60 days and your fee will be returned in full.


Reiki Hands on healing

I also offer individual Reiki hands on healing at my home practice, at the same charges; (treatments last one hour) please see my Reiki page for more details.

How to contact Pendulum Dowsing - Flowing Dragon

E-Mail julie

Fax 0870 164 1987


Pendulum Dowsing - Flowing Dragon,
24 Daisy Road,
B16 9DZ

If you wish to order your pendulum dowsing consultation via post, you can.

Please send a cheque with your bankers card number written on the reverse, payable to Julie Middleton, for the sum of £36.30 (please make sure that the cheque is payable to Julie Middleton with your bankers number on the reverse otherwise unfortunately your cheque will be returned to you.

Please note: unfortunately the postal consultation service is for UK customers only.

You can also leave me a message on oursecure server. click here

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