Dowsing FAQ

What is dowsing?

Dowsing can be thought of as a direct line of communication to your own unconscious mind. A pendulum receives information from the deeper wiser parts of the brain, that knows all things. This information in the form of yes/no questions is simply reflected in small muscle movements in the arm and hand to move the pendulum. It is more commonly known as Divination, however the correct name is Rhabomancy.

What is dowsing used for?

Dowsing is used as a tool for asking questions, giving advice, making decisions and making a selection from a list of options. It can be used to help make a major decision or to make minor decisions. It is also used commercially to locate water, oil, on archaeological sites, soil testing/agriculture, mineral and soil prospecting, and site surveys i.e. hidden mine shafts and underground tunnels. It has also been used by the US military to locate landmines.

Can anyone dowse?

Yes. Everyone of us is born with the ability to dowse, however due to lack of knowledge, interest or confidence, people do not utilise this very useful skill.

What equipment do you need?

For pendulum dowsing you will need a crystal or other object that will be able to be threaded with a chain or piece of thread at least three to nine inches long. Pendulums can either be purchased or home made. There are two other types of instruments used for dowsing. Rods and Bobbers. Rods come in two types "L" and "Y" shape. For L shape rods you will need a piece wire 12 to 16 inches long. Y shaped rods are made from plastic, metal or wood and are 12 to 24 inches long. Bobbers are made from flexible wire or branches and are 1 to 3 feet in length. They are sometimes made from coiled wire with a weight on the end. To train your pendulum you will need a piece of plain paper and a pen/pencil.

Do you need to attend a training course?

There are various courses you can attend which will teach you about dowsing, training your pendulum and techniques. However it is practise which makes an accurate and confident dowser. There is a great deal of literature and books available on the subject of dowsing.

What questions can you ask?

You can ask about anything within reason. The most commonly asked questions are about relationships, career, lost/misplaced objects and allergies. To obtain accurate answers the questions must be clear, precise and uambiguous, and require a "yes" or "no" response. Dowsing can be used where a selection needs to be made from a list of options.

What questions can't you ask?

You usually can ask questions about yourself, pets or situations. You can ask about your partner and, or, a close relative, but you must have their knowledge and permission. You should not ask questions about another person without their knowledge or permission or ask another person to dowse questions about medical disorders as this is unethical, Neither should you ask questions for monetary gain i.e. Lottery numbers. Dowsing should only be used for good intent.

Why do you need to train a pendulum?

You need to train your pendulum so that you and it have an agreed way of obtaining your "yes", "no" or an "unsure" response. Most people generally use a circular clockwise movement for yes and an anti-clockwise movement for no. However you can train your pendulum to use backwards and forwards or side to side movements.

How do I learn more?

You can always e-mail me for help or advice.

Is there an organisation which can give further information on dowsing?

Yes. The British Society of Dowsers. This is an organisation which has information about dowsing, runs courses and workshops, has books and equipment to purchase, organises group meetings and an events programme. There address is:

The British Society of Dowsers,
Sycamore Barn,
TN25 5HW,
United Kingdom.

Tel & Fax: 01233 750253

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